Agnes S.

Product Management Festival

Connie is a very engaging speaker. She has a lot of knowledge on how to tell a compelling story. Her talk at Product Management Festival was rated one of the best among 60+ sessions.

Keith C.

Lecturer @Cornell University

Connie's keynote on Leadership through Storytelling attracted over 1000 attendees. The audience took away so much that they can immediately incorporate into their daily life to become successful as a leader.

Tom L.

SVP Product @iPriceGroup, PMF Board Member

Connie is magic on stage. Her talk was fully packed with over 100 people wall to wall, and everyone stayed til the very end. Connie is a great Storyteller. Her content was spot on. She surprised me with her seamless transformation into different Storyteller Types on stage. It was captivating to watch. We loved it so much we invited her back to speak again at our next event.


Connie Kwan Presenting "How to 10x your engineering impact with great Storytelling" at Gracehopper 2023




Connie Kwan is a speaker on Business Storytelling. Her signature talk introduces The 4 Storyteller Types. During her talk, audiences get a chance to find their own Storyteller type, learn why only 25% of their messages are landing, and how to capture the other 75%. Special guests are invited on stage to receive live coaching with Kwan. The crowd’s favorite is watching Kwan transform these on stage guests into versatile storytellers.

Her signature talk was presented at Grace Hopper in Florida, the Product Management Festival in Zurich, and as a Keynote for eCornell. She has spoken at Google Tech Talk, Health 2.0, and Atlassian Summit. Additionally, she was on panels and podcast for Women in Product, Product Pub, and Practical Product.

Kwan is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. Her 17 years of product leadership experience spans blockchain, digital health, energy, hardtech and software (Atlassian, MSFT, CY, SPWR). Her class Storytelling for Product Leaders has helped leaders from Oracle, Rakuten and Spotify build influence through storytelling. She is a master at engaging different audiences through powerful narrative.

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